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Angry Birds Go! It is a racing game similar to Mario Kart, whose protagonists are the famous characters from the series Angry Birds.

The catapult to the career track

Angry Birds Go! It is a style of play completely different from what usually us offer feathered Rovio heroes. The previous titles, such as the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Star Wars, were strictly focused on one activity: catapult birds as if they were bullets. On the other hand, Angry Birds Go! It is a typical game of karting, similar to the classic Mario Kart and other mobile games of karting, such as Six-guns Shrek Kart, , and Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing.

The Angry Birds are ready!

The basic idea of Angry Birds Go! It is simple - take turns to the track as fast as you can. The game manages to not become repetitive thanks to its wide variety of cars, tracks, powers and types of races. In Angry Birds Go! even real toys you will help, as for example the Telepods, and even Angry Birds Jenga has something to offer you!

At the beginning of Angry Birds Go!, you can have the control of the red bird (Red Bird) and a basic kart. You will have to complete different kinds of races of each scenario to unlock new characters and move forward towards the next stages (when going to progress, you will access more content). All your favorite characters are here, including Stella, Bomb and The Blues can even play as one of the pigs!

The career of each scenario are: Race (a normal race where you compete against other characters, and you need to finish in the top three), Time Bomb (complete the race until the bomb explodes), Fruit Splat (charge a certain amount of fruit before reaching the finish line), Versus (one showdown against one), and Champion Chase (competing against an unlockable characterYou should beat him three times to activate it.) There are five Races, Time Bombs and Fruit Splats on each stage.

It also has several new challenges to complete after all races of a scenario, as well as being integrated with Facebook, so you'll be able to reach and exceed your friends scores. There is a multiplayer online or one-on-one by WiFi, like that seen in Sonic and SEGA All Stars, or not a "battle mode" such as the ones offered by Mario Kart.

The aim in Angry Birds Go! It is collect coins while you run. Then, it is possible to change them or new karts for upgrades for your vehicle. You will have to implement improvements continuously, since each career entry requirements will require you increasingly powerful engines. Another of the objects that you reunirás are gems, that it is possible to exchange with powers, speed enhancers or to recharge your energy. In addition to earning the gems and coins during races, Angry Birds Go! It gives you the opportunity to buy them throughout the game.

The Freemium model of Angry Birds Go! It is not as limited as the found in other great free games. You can get coins needed to renew your kart simply returning to play levels, but the gems are not so easy to find. The main function of these last is the recharge energy levels of your drivers, which are exhausted after a few races. You can not use a driver unless you wait a few minutes or pay to boost your energy. Waits are usually not too long, and if you have unlocked lots of characters you will not go it bad.

How to play Angry Birds Go!

Really fun with Angry Birds Go!, thanks in large part to the simple control system. It is possible to choose between control the kart with the fingers or by tilting the device, and the two options are very easy to use. Cars accelerate automatically and make skids if you keep down the screen. These simplified controls are particularly appropriate for the young market, making it Angry Birds Go! It's a great game for children.

In addition to control the direction, you must consider all of the other skills that will allow you to finish the race. These include power-ups (boosters), bouncing you to full speed when driving over them, the button's burst of speed (speed burst), whose effects changes depending on the driver, and several fun powers (powerups) such as for example, catapults, instant repairs or a permanent Enhancer.

The new dimension of Angry Birds

Angry Birds Go! It is the first game in the series displayed in 3D. The graphics are fantastic, as cartoons of first level, so combine perfectly with the image of frenzy and fun of the series Angry Birds.

The presentation is generally very professional, in addition to Angry Birds Go! It also allows you to access a vast content of videos, including new episodes of the cartoon.


Angry Birds Go! It is a fun and dynamic game with personality to spare. Although it is a pity that there are no multiplayer.

  • Great variety of careers
  • Fast and fun gameplay
  • Excellent graphics
  • Simple controls
  • The races are short
  • It does not have a mode mulijugador

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