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Angry Birds is the most famous mobile game and Angry Birds Space Premium his anticipated return, this time from outer space and without advertising.

Note: In its last update, Angry Birds Space moved to Mars, with 20 new levels on the red planet.

Again, what bird?

60 new levels, new birds and space as a backdrop are the new Angry Birds Space features. The style of play is the same, just as addictive but with the added challenge of flying weightless.

The charm of the original

The most important thing is that Angry Birds Space maintains the essence of Angry Birds. They become friendly birds, green pigs and game mechanics that hooked millions of players on the planet.

Your objective in Angry Birds Space? Beat levels and unlock new screens. To do this, you must launch your army of birds against boring pigs. So strange and fun.

Humor and good details

The music is cheerful and perfectly accompanies the game. You won't have to remember the famous melody from the original.

The graphics are attractive scenarios and animations, smooth as always.

Don't you know Angry Birds?

If you've never played before Angry Birds, now you can enjoy both the original Angry Birds Space. Perhaps, the best way to know why it has triumphed.

  • 60 game levels
  • New birds
  • It retains the charm of the original
  • Excellent graphics and sounds
  • Sexy scenarios
  • Nothing remarkable

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That's great: It is very good game and teaches things for the more guys.

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