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Ares is a P2P program (peer to peer) with which you can search and download all kinds of files quickly, easily and without complications.

Integrated utilities

To get things even easier, Ares has an integrated search engine, perfect for making your searches even easier, and an own video audio player with which you can see at the moment that what you downloaded is what is promised in the title.

The system that Ares uses to Exchange files can also be used as a web server, option that is included in the program with an automatic update of DNS.

Easy to use and Setup

Although Ares interface not prominence by his appeal, Ares is comfortable to use and its settings are clear and simple. The program has a menu at the top of the window from where access to the different sections.

Fast and safe downloads

With Ares you can download the same file from several sources (always and when that same file is shared by multiple users at the same time), thereby achieving a substantial improvement in download speed.

Thanks to these simultaneous downloads and the ability to do several searches at the same time, Ares lets you streamline processes and get the best performance possible, within the limitations of your Internet connection.


Ares is one of the P2P clients faster and more powerful on the market, with access to a wide range and all the necessary options to complete your downloads. The author, moreover, ensures that your application is free of spyware and advertising, so you can use it without any fear.

  • Connection speed
  • Large number of files
  • Type of search filters
  • Multiple searches at once
  • 5 available skins
  • Some interesting skins
  • Little intuitive integrated player (on the play list)

Ares screenshots and videos

Ares reviews


It would be great if Ares download high quality video files.: About ares galaxy:-tested Version: 2.2.7 - operating system: Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. The program is well installed. It opens quickly and almost instantly connects (& quot;) On line & quot; in the top bar). Search for files is as simple as intuitive. Besides being a program of & quot; Trust & quot; -i.e. not you bothers with no unpleasant surprises-, Ares is equipped with some very interesting tools: a player, chat, radio, bittorrent Protocol, and all well-ordered and organized in its interface. It is so fast to download as easy to set up. The only & quot; but & quot; that I find this P2P is the quality of the downloaded video files: almost the most are prquena resolution and are therefore not of great quality. Unless you have the habit of viewing the videos on your computer, on a TV screen simply does not enjoy them. A video file of 2 hours duration, resolution and weighing 400 X 316 696 MB is simply & quot; incompatible & quot; with a 37-inch LED screen. I hope that developers will realize this small & quot; but & quot; and look for an alternative to the height of this God of war.

la candelaria

too good: is good, since it facilitates me download the music I like, this can I have it in my computer, or burn the CD


I download mucica: John percy mccarthy lovecratf


I can not download anything with ares: It gives me problems to download archi any music or video


top 10 without words: Amazing much more easy and more important you can see what was downloaded

Free music: also les reocmiendo listen free music at www.entonados.com here listening to music online and it can be downloaded also recommend them is


well, they are powerful and smart and I thank them...: I find that you ares is very good, you can download any type of files the saluda atte to uds vicky of chile are clever, or witty...


the best downloads: find everything with ares videos files and music of all genre


No, I can't.: If it tells you that because the file is invalid, if you said & quot; media error & quot; is why file format is not valid, you have to see in search between size and user, AYAN: 2 star, 3 star or 4 star, that is when it is file format is valid.

q is very good and you see bad should fix that: q is very good but habeces when I want to download the chapters of my favorite novels is not downloaded and get a woman saying to remove all advertising from ares to wwww fence and that takes me the stone vessss


The best: is good and I like easily find the thing or cacnicones or careaokes a better world with this program


Drafting: I think you can't write, because all these, never mentioned in that ares you these refieriendo!


DOES NOT COMPLETE THE INSTALLATION!: Cannot install! Requests cuanndo internet connection I am obviously connected! One fiasco more!


Ares is Ares: you is the only one of its kind that I use, that the best does not... will be custom? anyway... this fact for what it serves, and mi is for me!


jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj ares arriva: well I think that it is why vacano by there I hoigo my preferred musicas aora ask yourself your self or your same as arias without ares where escucharias your favorite music wave that att like... #yismeyris #rodrigez the #swagger corn

WAWWWW: It is the best & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt;


excellent: I have not downloaded it but I have it on my desktop and it is excellent I give them a 10

Jose Manuel Contreras Ortiz

The best program to download music.: The best program to download music, has it all, plus this version solves the problem of advertising and supports torrent files.

AWW this super bn this: AWW ares of the best music and more music heheh q happen in this world without music: P

How to remove its advertising swine??: A question... would like remove advertising from ares?? That of & quot; go to www.ares.com...bla, blah, blah & quot; you already have my arta.


Fernando Chile: I really like ares but the bad low with the majority of the things viruses, please solve that


The license terms can not be signed: That does not sign the license terms and conditions, when one downloads the installer and not run it the tab appears to be the license


Overrated: It is overrated. jameblarl, I do not like. If I like, no, no


is regular: It is very good only with the message of the advertising the arrunaron much


Ares, program to download whatever you want, including malware: It is a pretty good program, in fact, one of the best assistants of P2P download I have ever tasted. But this program has a problem, and that it has too much freedom to share data. I.e., any user can share their files and different name and then it can be any infected file or unwanted video, as it is a video that contains pedophilia, as I happened to me one time with a movie. Most Ares files are infected virus and content illegal, so I stop using it, you estroperon my computer. The people despite knowing this, still using it. I'm not saying that bad program, but administrators should watch more what share people in Ares. As otherwise this fairly well, including the famous Ares chat.

MUI good: ares is an extremely good program but it has flaws when I the descrago with advertising and says to remove the has of ares and says a page arreglenlo please jejejje Boo greetings


Remove advertising Ares: I repeat the previous question, unanswered... should do if it tells me to go to www.arespublicidad.com? He is supposed to be free. I've finished uninstalling Ares for that reason, it is irritating


Very good with the exception of a few details : the only downside are the viruses that you can download without wanting to and that sometimes downloads stop, but hardly passes


the devil Vallance: dirty crap that does not serve if not to give your advertising.


Good but bad in spam (advertising scams, fake): If you like, but there are many spam should be created with password and verified users and spam-free. So also with the accounts of users and passwords. We thus avoid spam.


Good but bad in spam (advertising scams, fake): If you like, but there are many spam should be created with password and verified users and spam-free. So also with the accounts of users and passwords. We thus avoid spam.


is great as well: great writing write download stuff is the best program that e had

only that : then k is easy download music with the but is not installed on this computer that is the k not be


not to the spawm in ares or on other pages : is shit more large there is the theme of the spamw damn yankees break us the eggs all the time first was soup and megaupload and now the spawm even when we going to fuck?


EXCELETISISIMOOOOOOO!: Excelenteeeeeeeee! Super, I love, I use muchisisisisisimo!

effective program to download files: ares seems fantastic this program I can download all kinds of music pelicylas to film releases thank you for this program I was useful

smoke the umo and healthy: area granjah, note locos, the wachon, porta, yankee and sea dadii


That gets into Ares with the refrain: I shit in your bitches.: Ares is s good, but now has been stuck this daughter of a bitch, with the chorus. Also, it has the problem that many cheap porn movies slip.


excellent! better! excellent! worth admiring! a great challenge to cua: excellent! better! excellent! worth admiring! a great challenge for any virtual admirer!


That's great: It's great, it has search engine, classifies videos, sound, etc! :)


What a disgrace: that is a crap with the good thing was that little shame


Effective but useless: I don't like too many viruses and also every time you download something often bring Trojans worms, etc


It is too good this page one can download music videos and other ar: fine is too good this page one can download music videos and other files


It is very good the ares every day I use it q no lo conosi is wuao: It is very good the ares daily use it wuaoooooooooooo q Chèvre is the ares I not the consia but tell me account and wuao

musicaaaaaaa: It is a mockery for the users. I think that they lose the love of the people. you want music. p.s.g. maracaibo. Venezuela


This version 2.2.7 solves the problem of advertising.: This last version solves the problem of advertising, upgraded the program, a and digalen goodbye to that annoying spam, the best music, download should not miss on your pc, I recommend it.


Rocy Martin: Interesting & amp; well as soon as the information... We will see that such


excellent: excellent! better! excellent! worth admiring! a great challenge for any virtual admirer!


too bad program you have murdered completely: ares is useless no downloads have charged it is little by little more than advertising and if you neglect you sneak viruses to Dexter and sinister R I P by ares,


is a very good application: very good program almost everything I'm looking for find, videos, music, movies etc, etc.



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