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8 asphalt: Airborne marks the return of crazy racing action mobile and tablets with a still more impressive delivery. In the menu, a new physical engine, new cars and environments, career mode, multiplayer modes to challenge your friends and players worthy of action films racing world whole and braking!

47 cars for burning the asphalt of 9 circuits

For this eighth installment of the series Asphalt, Gameloft has taken it will seriously upgrade vehicles available, offering 80% of new cars. You can find models of dream which include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and others. Special models are not available from the beginning, and them need to unlock to go win races and points accumulated (or putting the hand in the portfolio for the most impatient). The cars are usually very well modeled and are faithful to the original models. You can collect up to 47 in total, improve them to increase your competitiveness and return to paint them in different colours.

Level environments, Asphalt 8: Airborne takes you to nine new destinations that make you go through the cities of Venice, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Monaco but also the Nevada desert, French Guiana, Iceland, and the Alps. All hidden shortcuts that you must discover and that will allow you to take advantage of your opponents.

In terms of game modes, is first and foremost a dense career mode that takes place in eight seasons and that allows to participate in 180 tests. Then, a Quick race mode is available with six types of career (classical, elimination, duel, ejection, infection and slalom). And finally, the multiplayer modes to play online with up to eight players and a multiplayer mode to play against your friends over the Internet . A classification system can see your worldwide and compare it with the one of your friends.

A decidedly action game mode

Gameplay of Asphalt 8: Airborne unchanged compared to its predecessors and is still acting. The nitro is always there to increase the speed, you can always go adrift for a few metres, finding objects scattered by the way... The big change to Asphalt 8: Airborne is that it adds trampolines everywhere along the route. They allow to perform real flights and spectacular jumps in the air. Asphalt8 racing: Airborne take height, hence the name Airborne chosen for this issue.

To control the cars, you can choose between different combinations. You can use the controls completely from the display, use the accelerometer of your device to rotate vehicles and combine the two.

New graphics engine and music with strength

With regard to graphics, Asphalt 8: Airborne always does good things and even better, with detailed universes and light effects that put full views. The game benefits, on the other hand, a new physical engine manifesting all their strength in braking and collisions with competitors, where you can see the pieces to do tricks in all directions.

Finally, the music keeps the beat and the frantic pace of 8 Asphalt racing: Airborne. The result: three styles of music to everyone more catchy that dan wanted to break away from the asphalt. 8 asphalt: Airborne lets you choose between electro, bass and rock, to encourage your ears as it should be!

A traditional delivery of Asphalt

Altogether, Asphalt 8: Airborne changes very little in relation to the previous installments, with a philosophy and a game mode which remain the same. What changes mainly are environments and cars, the braking that add a little more of spectacle and trampolines placed everywhere in the circuits.

The followers of Asphalt and of action, they will not be disappointed with 8 Asphalt racing games: Airborne, which is still one of the best games in the category for mobile phones and tablets, along with Real Racing 3. The game allows you to dedicate time to unlock cars and participate in numerous tests in single or multiplayer mode!

  • Many new cars
  • 9 new destinations
  • Always so good and fun to play
  • Multiplayer modes
  • There is no real change in the game mode
  • Unlock the best models can take you several hours if you do not want to pay

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