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If you are that you are continuously using the BlackBerry and see plummet the percentage of battery throughout the day, Battery Booster will help you consume less battery power with the mobile.

Battery Booster includes four very interesting options: graphic, status, options and estimates. Graphics analyze you the behavior of your battery over the hours, something very useful to determine the hours in which more battery you consume and analyze how to improve it. In the State of Battery Booster section you can see the status of your battery, i.e. the percentage of remaining battery, its voltage and temperature.

In options of Battery Booster you can manage the connections on your phone, such as WiFi, bluetooth and GPS. Also you can activate the automatic screen brightness or set it manually, as well as put alarms that alert you when the battery is running out. Finally, with estimates of Battery Booster you will know the time you have until your battery, both in the case of having the phone in use as at rest stops.

Without a doubt, a perfect tool to improve your mobile battery levels, and make the most of it. Battery Booster will save you more than one trouble.

  • The behavior of your battery graphics
  • Estimates how much is needed for the battery flat
  • Configures your mobile to improve its performance
  • Nothing remarkable

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Not bad: It is very easy to use and extend my battery I think that they should download it is re well jejejejejje

Battery Lover

Battery Lover

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Control your energy consumption and improves the life of your battery

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