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BlackBerry Messenger is the official BlackBerry voice and text messaging programme, with which you can keep in touch with all your contacts who have a BlackBerry device and chat with them, share photos, video and more.

Text chat, VoIP and a "social network" called BBM Channels

BlackBerry Messenger allows not only texting, but add images, videos and voice notes or even your location on a map. Good alternative to texting, becomes a good tool to speak and to save a few cents instead of SMS.

Since version 7, BlackBerry Messenger provides BlackBerry Voice, a service of VoIP calls free between the users of the application, provided that the two partners are connected to a WiFi network.

In case outside little, BlackBerry Messenger has just incorporated a new feature called BBM Channels, available in BlackBerry OS7 onwards. This new additive functions as a kind of Twitter that BBM users can subscribe to feeds of interest. There are official channels of celebrities, brands, teams sports or media, as well as channels by themes (movies, music, video games...). They dangle status updates and pictures.

As a user of BBM Channels you can subscribe to the channels you want to and interact with the content that is published in them. You can do me like, comment and even invite your contacts to join. And if you can't find a channel that suits your tastes, always you can create your own. We don't know if it will be a success in the long run, but the truth is that it adds many more possibilities to BBM, beyond the simple chat and call.

Designed to chat and share

Looking simple and customizable with your own photo, BlackBerry Messenger allows you to organize your contacts, create groups, use shortcuts for frequent contacts or add new contacts. For this last, you can invite them by your personal PIN either looking for your name or email address.

The particularities of BlackBerry Messenger, also include the option to Add status messages, show your QR code or the music that plays on your mobile.

Excellent performance and constant updates

Despite the rise of messaging as WhatsApp or LINEapplications, BlackBerry Messenger enjoys a huge popularity among BlackBerry users.

BlackBerry works very well, is stable and interesting new features included in each update, as the new system of notifications or new emoticons will be added.

Ideal for BlackBerry users

BlackBerry Messenger is the perfect application to chat if you have a BlackBerry. Integration with other BlackBerry applications, as well as external applications, is perfect and that BlackBerry much care that it remains so.

Calls free VoIP, shipments of up to 6 MB files, emoticons... BlackBerry Messenger is very complete. And now that you can chat with users of Android and iPhone, better than best.

  • Personizable: photo, status and song you hear
  • It allows you to share photos, videos and location
  • Complete management of groups and contacts
  • It includes emoticons
  • Free VoIP calls over WiFi
  • The introduction of BBM Channels
  • Some features only available in BlackBerry 5.0 or later
  • Only with WiFi VoIP calls

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