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Chrome is Google's Web browser, wildly popular computer and with the same claims in its version for mobiles and tablets. Speed, functionality and impeccable appearance are its determinants both iPhone and iPad.

The most functional mobile browser

For starters, Chrome stands out for its great interface loaded with innovative gestures and options. Tabs change is carried out quickly by sliding your finger from the screen frame, and pages visited and markers are visited quickly thanks to its comfortable home page.

Chrome is also worthwhile data synchronization, simply stunning: any page that you visit on your PC, Mac or Android will see it directly in a Device Manager stating you open tabs for each. So you can still see pages that you left half in another place.

Aspects to improve

At the level of performance, Google Chrome confronts Safari with certain complications, since it lacks advanced engine of Javascript of the latter. However, this disadvantage involves only a minimum slowness that hardly you will appreciate in the majority of websites.

Yes we have missed in Chrome are some of the built-in features of Safari, as the reader mode or the saved page to read more later; functions that were available through extensions in their desktop version.

Even with areas for improvement, Google has developed one of their best products with this mobile version of Chrome, a browser that is easily placed among the three best IOS.

  • Practical and well designed interface
  • Quick navigation through gestures
  • Private browsing
  • Synchronization of data, open tabs...
  • Very useful home page
  • It cannot be by default in iOS
  • Somewhat slower Javascript engine
  • Without reading mode

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