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My favorite villain: Minion Rush is a fun game of running non-stop funny minions, the yellow characters in my favorite villain, 2 film starring.

Become the minion of the year!

In my favorite villain: Minion Rush you get in the skin of one of the minions, the ebirros of the lovable genius of the bad Gru, whom we saw in my favorite villain. Your mission is simple: to run as far as you can to impress your boss and get the title of Minion of the year, only reach a few minions. To achieve this, you will have to jump, glide, Dodge and be very bad.

Go further than others

The format of my favorite villain: Minion Rush is similar to other classic games from running, such as Subway Surfers, Temple Run or Sonic Dash. However, there are many obstacles and jumps that make my favorite villain: Minion Rush in a challenge for your reflexes.

In the game you run by a scenario inspired by the film, with scenes based on the world of Gru, as the weapons factory or your residence. Along the way, you'll have to Dodge obstacles, such as pipes, bombs, missiles or other minions who will stand in your journey towards glory. As a defense, you can hit the other minions to take them off, and get points farther away to get get.

To the main objective of my favorite villain: Minion Rush, there are mini-games varied in those who see with Vector and other supervillains.

To get aid, weapons and costumes in my favorite villain: Minion Rush will have to collect bananas. In addition, you will have chance to fly with the rocket of Gru, riding a Unicorn (a nod to Robot Unicorn Attack and paralyse all your freezers Ray.

In this sense, Gameloft has done a great job in my favorite villain: Minion Rush, giving it plenty of surprises, even though still sinning of repetitive like other games of the style.

Controlling your minion

If you have played games similar to my favorite villain: Minion Rush, you won't trouble you to move your minion. The controls are very simple and basically consists of slide left or right, up or down to move, jump and glide.

The on-screen instructions displayed when you first play to explain the controls, which in the case of the mini-games vary: in the case of the confrontation with Vector, are a bit confusing.

Like in the movies

My favorite villain: Minion Rush is impeccable at the graphic level. Film buffs will find constant allusions and references. In addition, we have included the voices of the actors from the original film (not of the voice actors), and the minions do not stop do antics, so the fun is guaranteed.

One of the things that distinguishes my favorite villain: Minion Rush is the movement of the camera, which moves as you run, adding variety to the game and giving more realism to the game.

The verdict

My favorite villain: Minion Rush is a game of running non-stop to it like play, either because you love the minions, because you like this kind of games or simply because it is a good game to have fun and throw you some laughter.

  • Good graphics
  • Many variants on the game
  • Aid and costumes
  • Something repetitive

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