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FastTube is an application for BlackBerry with the goal of bringing the endless collection of videos from YouTube to your device so you can enjoy them without having to open the browser.

You basically do the same thing in the web page of YouTube: search for videos, see highlights, add comments, indicate whether you like or not, create playlists for playback, etc.

A window on YouTube

With FastTube is easy to watch videos. Just open the application shows a list of most popular videos. From your browser, you'll find specific recordings, with the advantage that has auto-completion, to recommend searches as you type.

In addition, from the left corner you will have access to the available categories with videos of the same theme, such as entertainment (Entertainment), video games (Gaming) or music (Music).

Regarding the player, in every video you'll see the same information as in the original YouTube page, with buttons to share the video with your friends viaBlackBerry Messenger, indicate that (Like) or not (Dislike), and decide you liked the play, between standard definition or high definition or HD quality.

Other features to consider are the playlists, download several videos without interruption, and favorite videos which you most liked.

To a finger's distance

With regard to the Organization of the functions available, everything is accessible from the bottom and the sides, so from there you will find all offers FastTube, accessible instantly.

Fast and fluid

As indicates its own author, FastTube is fast and fluid. That sooner or later to play a video depends on the quality of your connection, but in any case it works very well and no cuts.

In summary

If you're regular YouTube but would prefer to use an own client instead of saturating the web browser, with this application you will have it easy, since it offers all functions of the web version.

The only downside is to login with your YouTube user account you will have to get the paid version, although it is not essential to use the other functions of the Google video site.

  • Easy to use
  • "Share" function
  • Favorites and playlists
  • It replaces the official website
  • Search engine and subject categories
  • Login as a Premium function (of payment)

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Search for and play videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Myspace, etc.

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