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Flashlight: 2 for 1 is a fantastic double headlight for your BlackBerry device. But what is that it is double? Because it uses both the screen and the camera's flash to offer two types of different lighting.

On the one hand, Flashlight: 2 for 1 offers a powerful light thanks to the camera's flash, ideal for situations of total darkness. On the other hand, another lantern is a combination of the screen and the front LED. This combination is something more faint and allows you to modify the color of LED with whimsy with the space key when the headlamp is switched on.

There are other applications of this style for BlackBerry, but the truth is that Flashlight: 2 for 1 is without a doubt the best.

  • Two flashlights to choose
  • Very powerful
  • It allows you to choose the color of the LED
  • It reduces the duration of the battery

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another app for blackberry which works improperly: It has no front light, gives you a 3-day trial period and you have to register. It says that it has this and the other and then you have all