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Not so much as to turn your smartphone into an iPod but as to emulate the scroll that offers iPod Touch or iPhone. It is to say that with the help of the touchpad you can navigate between the covers of your albums of audio.

Thus, you can quickly check your audio library, and if you want to listen to a specific album, give back to the cover to see the list of songs, and all this in a very visual way.

FlipSide is lightweight and the query is done very quickly. If you do not have covers, don't worry. With a single click on a button, FlipSide is responsible for look for it for you by connecting to various online services.

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jhoan el capo

It is good: Flipside is a very good player program the only thing bad is that you for my country is in English but one is more or less understands


(BB) 1.1.3

0/10 0 reviews

Nice audio player for MP3 and AAC formats

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