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Lost Panda is a fun game for BlackBerry that you put on the skin of a bear panda who wants to recover his lost son. To do this, you must descend from the top of the trees and reeds of bamboo towards the ground.

To start a match Lost Panda character it will move down and you have to do is jump from the trunk in the trunk, left and right, in order to avoid enemy and collect coins and special powers.

As you go forward in Lost Panda, more enemies will appear and you will acquire new powers to deal with them. At advanced levels, the action becomes frantic.

Lost Panda offers 4 levels (bamboo, jungle, desert, snow), various types of enemies and a very addictive mechanics. A good game for BlackBerry.

  • Addictive mechanics
  • Variety of enemies and powers
  • Rather poor sound
  • The difficulty of the advanced levels

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