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Open Whatsapp is an alternative free to WhatsApp, the messaging program par excellence of the next generation of smartphones. Open Whatsapp works practically like WhatsApp. So, grounds could take you to use it?

It does (almost) the same as WhatsApp

Open Whatsapp is nearly identical to WhatsApp in almost all aspects. For starters, it is a native application, which guarantees a full integration with the system. This makes the connection with other applications and the general appearance of the app on the phone.

Open Whatsapp import your contacts phone list both as WhatsApp, so before using WhatsApp and decide to move to Open Whatsapp, won't have to do anything: everything is still there.

With Open Whatsapp you can keep individual or group conversations. In addition, allows you to create messages to be sent to multiple recipients and, as well as on WhatsApp, sharing various file types: image, audio, video, location and contact card.

The only noteworthy difference that we find WhatsApp is the possibility of choosing a State. Thus, it can appear as invisible, something that does not allow the original app.

(Almost) just like WhatsApp

Both in function and appearance, seems to Open Whatsapp WhatsApp a lot. Even the logo is virtually identical. The application is well programmed, is stable, and allows you to communicate with your contacts with all the guarantees of the world.

In what does not seem at all to WhatsApp is ease of installation. Open Whatsapp is not available in the BlackBerry World, so it's installation process is more complicated than a normal app. The process is explained here.

Why would he one that changed?

Trying to answer the question that opens this analysis ("what reasons you could be taking use it?"), the truth is that these are reduced to two. The first is that it is free (always) and the second is the function to hide that you are connected. If these reasons are strong enough for you, then it makes sense that you change to Open Whatsapp. That Yes, note that instalarlo cost you a bit more than the usual and that is only in English.

  • Identical to WhatsApp
  • — Show you invisible
  • Free forever
  • Somewhat complicated installation
  • It is only in English

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Open Whatsapp reviews

Very good: that is excellent the service to keep in touch with the family friends


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