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Screen Muncher is an excellent application for taking screenshots on your BlackBerry. In addition, it is simpatiquisima.

Catch at any time

Once installed Screen Muncher, from any screen in which you're (either browser, a game or while you see a video), is enabled in the menu option Munch Screen, making a picture of the screen.

With the accomplished capture, you can share it on social networks, attach it in an email or save it to the memory of the phone in PNG format.

Easy and simple

Screen Muncher is intended so it costs you nothing to make screenshots.In the context menu integration is perfect.

Charming appearance

More than taking pictures, Screen Muncher capture the screen to nibbles. Literally. And it is that whenever you do a screenshot will be shown a pink monster that "will bite the screen".

Both the graphics and the sound effect that accompanies the catch are a joy.

Friendly and efficient

Screen Muncher is the application to capture most popular BlackBerry screens, and this is because in addition to being friendly and fun, works great.

  • Quick and easy capture
  • It shares the capture on social networks
  • You can configure an automatic hashtag for tweets
  • Support for BlackBerry Messenger
  • It introduces a watermark screenshots

Screen Muncher screenshots and videos

Screen Muncher reviews


Doru: It is a fun program and good vastante, say vastante because you could improve much more and if that could put a test free. Thank you


I can not use it: Muncher I already installed in my BB but wanting him to use asks me to set the permissions and not let me...


Bad boy: I restarted it and it no longer seems me...It is very good... but already it isn't me on my blackerry


Thank you: SEMs thanks for your description, now is so served, since the download but it comes in English and had no idea of so served, lastmia which is the version that comes the more bad



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