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SHAZAM has changed the way we listen to music. And it is that Shazam is a powerful and original tool that lets you find out the title of a song with just play a small fragment.

Magical and instantaneous

The first impression one has with Shazam is having something of witchcraft. Simply run the application when there is a song playing and in few seconds will recognize what song it is, showing both the title as the group, the album, the musical style and even a cover image.

If that was little, Shazam also offers a way to find that song, with either a link to YouTube or to the Amazon store. SHAZAM also provides additional information such as the lyric of the song or the list of upcoming performances by the artist, as well as his biography.

SHAZAM also serves as a database of those songs that you have "tagueado" (thus call you the Act of recognizing a song) and lets you know what you are tagging other users in the world, so somehow it acts as if a social network.

The Shazam database is huge and is updated on a daily basis thanks to the more than 20 million users that has the app in the world. It is possible that ever I can't find a song, Yes, but that possibility increasingly boils over.

Nothing easier

Shazam is the easiest in the world thing. Just open the app and press the icon of Shazam coming out in big screen to start taguear a song. Taguear icon is always present in all screens, so that at any time you can start to identify songs

Clearly is that Shazam is not infallible and has certain limitations, both technical as catalog, all them understandable. But the catalogue increases every day and the technical constraints are minimized if one makes sure of being in a place without much noise or avoiding taguear mixed songs, since in that case it doesn't work.


SHAZAM is of those applications should be installed on all phones, especially for music lovers. In this way those songs that you hear on the radio and you don't know what are called never will escape you.

  • It allows to recognize songs just by listening to them
  • It integrates with iTunes and YouTube store
  • Is very easy to use
  • Consultations require Internet connection

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Shazam reviews


The millionaire round business: That is business disguised as kindness but then you put price Carlos Slim dace silver with only tarcar.


Ascooo : do not download it does not work, this is not only me quito time and battery > disgust me :(


Evil by the 5 per month: The truth is that I the e lowered but does not make me grace to this limited to 5 downloads a month... If you want more you have to pay 5 euro for the application...It is a great program but I am not going to pay $ 5 for an application.


I love it!! the best that exists!: At the beginning do not quite believe me, because it looks like a joke, but it is true that it works.Great program that finds songs and tells you the title.Installed it today and four songs that I searched, four songs that I found. You put the BB next to the speaker, the program works, recognizes you song and tells you the title. In my case, I see the title and tell him to send me to Youtube to hear the song and 4/4 for now. I recommend the program.


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Learn the lyrics of your favorite songs

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Shazam Encore

Shazam Encore

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Find out the title of any song that sounds to your around

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para BlackBerry 10 1.1.0

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The app that recognizes all the songs

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