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WhatsApp will serve to send instant text messages as well as images, video and audio using the Internet connection of your BlackBerry, BlackBerry included 10.

Powerful and comprehensive alternative to SMS messages

WhatsApp Messenger replaces the traditional SMS by a system of free and instant messages via 3 G or WiFi.

In WhatsApp, speak with your friends in the style of a classic chat. You can do it with either a person or several at the same time thanks to their groups up to 30 people. A good way to save on messages and to communicate quickly and effectively.

As for their options, WhatsApp Messenger allows sending of photos, audio files and videos. In addition, you can share a map with your location or contact details.

Finally, the emoticons are a fundamental and part of the most popular discussions of WhatsApp.

How does it work?

To take advantage of WhatsApp Messenger is missing that both you and the receiver have the application installed. Once you install the app on your phone, you can see which of your contacts using WhatsApp and begin to talk to them.

It must be clarified that while sending messages is free, the application is grais during the first year, after which it is necessary to pay a fee of $0.99 per year.

The most widely used, do the best?

That WhatsApp Messenger is the best in its category is more than debatable. Perhaps it is not, as there are apps with interesting options that do not exist in WhatsApp Messenger.

However, the strong point of WhatsApp Messenger is its great popularity. In implementation of its characteristics, it is essential that users will adopt it and therefore WhatsApp is still the number one.

A success story

There are similar, even better applications. But WhatsApp is the example of an application that has managed to reach the public and provide an interesting effectively.

The latest, on the website of the author

WhatsApp Messenger in BlackBerry World version is not always the most current. We recommend that you check the official site to get the newest version of WhatsApp.

.. .and now with voice messages

One of the most notable innovations of WhatsApp are the messages Push to Talk. In the style of a walkie talkie, WhatsApp adds the option to record and share voice messages, both short and long. It is the same type of function that offer applications like, for example, Voxer or Zello.

In the latest updates, WhatsApp has included important improvements. One is to send multiple images: you can send up to 10 photos at a time in a same message.

On the other hand, you can also set the automatic download of files received.

  • Allows you to send multimedia messages
  • Cross-platform
  • Free sending of messages
  • It allows group conversations
  • It has many users
  • Only works between phones with the application installed

WhatsApp Messenger screenshots and videos

WhatsApp Messenger reviews


It serves to communicate with persons q cones of long distance: used to communicate with people that cones of long distance


buenisimo: as before it had and it was great but now already can not lose it someone I proffers help with that download that is free


Me gusta mucho: I like to much for and leave my countertops to my people is more rapid and more good in fa if


whatsapp for OS 4.5: Please have a blackberry 83XX, 81XXXX a code for whatsapp for OS 4.5


Very good : On my blackberry curve 8520 is going great, what I'd like is that once sold out the test year it remained free.


I've been able to fix it in BB: I spent the same thing that many of you, I was going slow and hardly could handle. I have the BB off and get the battery (this is important) and fixed the problem. Now already going well. I hope you find it useful


Version 2.7 of the Whatsapp for Blackberry 8520 does not work! : The Whatsapp version 2.7 does not work, give many problems and now will not let me download a previous version to be able to continue enjoying the whatsapp service. The error that I get is the following: & quot;Uncaught exception: Bitmap is too large for graphics surface & quot; Please give me some solution or take out a new update that no problems, longer than the old ones not let them me download. Best regards


This service is very good: Hi is very good thanks a lot I can do to see old messages thanks .is full mauy and quick despite the distance


Very good : On my blackberry curve 8520 is going great, what I'd like is that once sold out the test year it remained free.


new version 2.7 whatsapp death: I just downloaded the new update whatsapp for my BB 9730 Bold and I was hanging from my contacts. Because I installed, reinstalled and restarted many times and it won't. It is looking for network and even seems that it works because I receive notifications of messages, but nothing I can't go to the application or crashes me the phone.


new update: last update whatsapp (2.6.5917) is a waste... will not. download it twice and I am spending the money for nothing. not is because out versions that fail, somewhere tenran that get the money. To see if the arreglais soon.


Emoticons: The only emoticons are not leaving cuadraditos and apparently is not available anywhere. By what others is fine, you can send videos and photos without having to pay, up to which the time charge for using this program


WhatsApp: to my I spend the same, since that update the new version I stay without programme and I think the same as others very bad


Version 272723 does not work: Far all versions worked good, last update let me the locked phone, it stays forever waiting for the network.


It does not work well: Maliiisima update. T doesn't start conversation. It can be solved? For BB bold 9780 Thank you.


WhatsApp: I wonder if I can talk without connection to the 3 G network but connected to Wi-Fi. On the other hand when you update it going slow and over I can hardly begin talks the update is very bad. Whats App for BB Curve 8520

el grande 1

about wattsa: Ami happens to me that I can not send viedeos n messages to my acquaintances who are in London and delgica and the other version if I could do him a greeting


Nice update : works fatal crashes almost always keeps nothing in history is not professionalism that some programming and others leaving to go out to the market.


We want to whatsapp BlackBerry's os 4.5: xq also complain the blackberry with os 4.5 should have whatsapp xfa les ruego q can be installed also on those computers.


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