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Where completo My Water (where is my water) is a nice puzzle game adapted to the touch screen of your smartphone. With your fingers you must Guide water to the tub of a neat crocodile.

Each screen Where completo My water is a sewer full of obstacles that prevent water getting out of the long-awaited tap: acids, mines, sewers... Only your intelligence to trace underground roads will achieve this character to bathe it.

But this is not the only objective of Where completo My Water: you must also collect water certain objects such as rubber ducks and other collectibles that open access to new levels and achievements. Get some is a challenge of great difficulty.

In short, Where completo My Water is a perfect game for mobile phones, accessible to all ages, very friendly and interactive and with lots of challenges to overcome. Without a doubt, one of the best hobbies that you have on your Windows Phone.

  • Colorful and nice graphics
  • Intuitive control
  • Objects and added challenges
  • Difficulty progressive, tight
  • Without global rankings or multiplayer

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