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yuilop is an app for messaging allowing chat and send SMS for free to more than 100 countries. It works very similarly to WhatsApp, and among other functions, provides conversations in group with up to 20 contacts. It is in Spanish and is free.

Versions for iPhone and Android, yuilop allows you to make free calls. This option is not yet available in the version for Windows Phone

Talk to power

yuilop works with "power": whenever you chat with friends yuilop, invite friends or you carry out activities, you gain power; every time you send an SMS, you lose it. You can consult your energy yuilop at any time by touching the battery icon.

With yuilop you can send SMS messages, write with your friends in a group chat, share photos, send emoticons, etc.

For all audiences

Use yuilop has no secrets. Its design is similar to other similar applications, so add contacts and the sea of simple start chatting will seem.

Good design

yuilop has an very nice look and is very easy to use. The contacts are divided into tabs according to their type (agenda, energy, etc.) and send SMS or chat only requires a couple of touches.

An alternative to WhatsApp

Yuilop may not have WhatsApp contacts, but you can use it with your agenda and your Yuilop friends to chat and send SMS for free. And if you invite them to yuilop, you can recharge your energy and keep sending SMS. That sounds brilliant?

  • Fascinating system of "energy"
  • Send free SMS to over 100 countries
  • Chat with contacts from your phonebook and yuilop
  • Many ways to recharge energy
  • It does not make calls
  • Improved design

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