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Loudtalks is a walkie-talkie with which you can communicate with your contacts with only hold down the green button or F7. The message will be preceded by an acoustic signal. At the end, another signal will notify that you have ceased to communicate.

Open an account with Loudtalks is very quick and easy. In addition, you can create groups of contacts (or channels) to drag the contacts you have on the list. When you talk to a channel, all members will receive the voice message.

Another impressive feature of Loudtalks is the message history. You can listen to each fragment of the conversation or all of it, marking messages as read or not read and with the possibility to delete them.

Loudtalks is lightweight, easy to use and very fun. Instead of text or images, relies completely on sequential conversation style 'push to talk'. A different and highly recommended program.

  • History of voice messages
  • Creating channels
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Very low memory consumption
  • Does not support custom icons

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Zello reviews


It works with mobile: Very useful, works with Blackberry and Windows Mobile, to communicate without spending money more than just navigation (fairly low by the way)


original: a different way to send your messages in voice, raisins in addition to the regular text to listen to your friends also is free clear whether those connected to your wifi network or your neighbor's


appreciates: I find it interesting by the easy-to-use, we'll see later if sugen problems at the moment and say it is very simple in its operation without any complications and anyone without much idea of the topic it may install and use without any problem


Ta chido: The good thing is that I upgrade to Zello, and now my uncle communicates with me through your phone just connect to the internet. It is very useful.


In compliance with what he says, nothing more.: Loudtalks is a program that does what it says, talking to contacts as a walkie-talkie by pressing a button the same way on the other side, and the program to be able to send what you say you do not listen if the talk button is pressed. Simple and basic thought was going to incorporate new and attractive things as radios transmitting real distortion and not a voice as clear as the one of the calls.


It looks spectacular: It looks very spectacular from the beginning, vere within a time not having errors


It is good though...: You have to try it and see q, also has the depsite competition of the messenger and skype.



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